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    Full Comprehensive Plumbing Check
    (Includes minor adjustments, cleaning, and toilet check ups)

    Comprehensive Water Heater Maintenance Check Up

    Check All Drains

    Check All Faucets

    Check Sump Pump

    Front of Line Service

    20% Off All Repairs

    Priority Scheduling


    1. Inspect all plumbing visible in utility
    2. Locate and label shut off valves at Check for proper operation of both valves.
    3. Check water pressure from water
    4. Check pressure regulator for proper
    5. Check sprinkler shut off valve, drain valve and back flow for proper operation.
    6. Check humidifier valves and any other water valves for proper
    7. Check expansion tank for proper
    8. Check exhaust pipe from water heater
    9. Flush water heater. Drain valve on water heater may need to be replaced the first time we service the Check T&P Valve for proper operation.
    10. Gas water heater. Clean burner assembly, burn chamber, ignitor, control valve and air intake.
    11. Remove and inspect heating element and thermostat on electric models.
    12. Check floor drain for proper
    13. Check hose bibs for proper
    14. Check gas lines for
    15. Check water softener and by-pass for proper Test water hardness.


    1. Check drain for proper
    2. Check valves for proper operation and check water
    3. Clean dryer inspect gas lines for leaks and valve for proper operation.
    4. Check sink and faucet for proper
    5. Check floor drain for proper


    1. Check kitchen sink, faucet and disposal for proper
    2. Inspect under sink for any Test all shut offs.
    3. Visually inspect under dishwasher for any
    4. Check ice maker line and stop for proper
    5. Check drinking water filter system for leaks and filter


    1. Inspect Test tank for leaks, check flush, check shut off, inspect floor and toilet floor set.
    2. Test tub drain, clean hair trap and check faucet for proper
    3. Test lavatory faucets for proper operation, inspect all piping under sink.